BioDea nasce dalla passione e dalle competenze di un team di agronomi con a capo la dott.ssa Emanuela Fonti e dal know-how del gruppo toscano RM Energy Solutions. In seguito ad anni di studi ed applicazioni del metodo biodinamico e grazie ad una decennale esperienza imprenditoriale nel campo di fonti energetiche alternative e di programmi ambientali sostenibili, questa rete di soggetti ha elaborato prodotti organici e naturali innovatici per produzioni a zero residui, nel rispetto dell'ambiente e della salute umana.
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BioDea innovative products

The innovative BioDea products arise from the know-how of the RM Group Energy Solutions based in Arezzo and from the passion and skills of a team of agronomists chaired by Emanuela Fonti that have been working in the organic and biodynamic agriculture field for years. Passion and experience have contributed to creating this network that markets revolutionary and innovative products. Not only are our products natural and organic, but they also allow remarkable water savings and full respect for environment and health. Their ease of use makes them suitable for multiple end users, from the private sector to public companies.

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zucchine biodea
Zero Residues

Using BioDea products on fruits and vegetables, the residues are equal to zero because they are completely natural and organic

coniglio biodea
Animal Walfare

Where wood vinegar is moistened, animal welfare is guaranteed unlike many agrochemical compounds

Nutrient-rich Products

Our Biochar improves soil without obstructing roots’ normal development


For an authentic nature

Visit our YouTube channel: here you can find news, events, conferences and field tests with Wood Distillate.


Soil Conditioners

Wood Vinegar

Application fields of BioDea products

The innovative BioDea products are suitable for various end users thanks to their ease of use. They are thought especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, which would like to start or increase agricultural production.
However, they can also be indicated for those who want to grow more demanding plants, not only in the agricultural sector, but also on their terraces or balconies.
They are particularly suitable for various leisure or commercial sectors such as synergic gardens and golf courses.
Our agronomists are available for any type of consultation as for the various application fields of our products: they will be pleased to help you to choose the perfect product that best meet your needs and requests.

i prodotti innovativi BioDea

Ideal for private citizens who want to take care of their terraces and gardens

giardini sinergici

Perfect for synergical gardens

i prodotti innovativi BioDea
Agricultural production

Suitable for all types of cultivations

i prodotti innovativi BioDea

Suitable for particular leisure sectors such as golf courses etc.

delivery service biodea

For all orders and supply requests in countries outside Italy, as well as outside the European Union, please contact us at the email address vendite@biodea.bio for a dedicated quotation BEFORE placing an order.